From Aventura Experience we have an adventure park located in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, where you can download all your adrenaline.



What will you find in Sant Feliu Parc Aventura?


In Sant Feliu Parc Aventura we propose fun and exciting circuits installed in the trees so that you can go from tree to tree without touching the ground, making Tibetan bridges, going up stairs, going down zip lines, jumping Tarzan, nets, tunnels, slides and many more adventures.


There are circuits for all ages:


Green (children's circuit) for the little ones.

Blue for the whole family.

Red for the more fearless.

Black "special long zip lines".


It is a very advisable activity to enjoy with family, friends, colleagues, etc.… In an environment surrounded by nature.




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From Sant Feliu Parc Aventura, we also offer the opportunity to enjoy different disciplines, such as canyoning, climbing, Paintball, via ferrata (material rental), orientation activities, Kayaking and tailor-made courses to perfect the rappelling technique and safety knots.


We have a team of instructors and professional guides who will work to meet your needs.


* Now if you are an association or a school, you can also access as a group in our facilities.


Project Apadrina tu cascada


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