From Aventura Experience we have an exclusive zip line circuit located in the adventure park of Sant Feliu de Guíxols, where you can download all your adrenaline. It is a fun and exciting circuit whose main purpose is to have a fantastic and exciting day.


The circuit consists of seven zip lines linked together, with different descents and ascents in a circular circuit that will increase our dessert pulses.


With lengths of 80, 90 and up to 100 meters our zip line has two different variants, one of which allows us to go inside a cabin supported in the trees and leave the same with another zip line that we it will make you live great emotions.

Equipment we offer for the activity:


  • Harness and necessary equipment

  • Specialized monitor

  • R.C. Insurance and accidents



Prices / Cost Activity:


  • 22€/ person


* Can be combined with all other circuits in the park (Check rates at adventure park)

Project Apadrina tu cascada


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